Happy birthday, to me…

Today marks the end of my 47th year on this planet, well, presuming that I was actually born on this planet, I can only presume I was.

Yes, tomorrow, August 8, I turn 48. It’s just a number, doesn’t mean much to me. Another day to work. Another day to hang out with the dogs.

I am getting a birthday cake tomorrow. I ordered a black forest cake from Cherry on Top Bakery in Blairmore. I’ve read nothing but good reviews on their baked goods. I’ve only been in once, for coffee and it was good, so I’m hoping the cake will be too.

No plans tomorrow, work, share my cake with the neighbours. On Friday, I’m heading to Lethbridge after work and going for dinner with a co-worker. Should be good.

Forty-seven wasn’t a bad year, all in all, but could have been better. I moved to the mountains, I umpired in the World Series, I nearly froze this past winter, in my house, almost went broke trying to not freeze. We didn’t freeze though, not quite. I found a new place, still in the mountains, but in town. Had a loss in the family…

Life goes on. It’s not a bad life either. I’m pretty content, even happy most of the time. Anyway, since this is my blog, I can say, “here’s to me, happy 48th”.

To another year.

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