The long weekend…

That was a good and pretty productive long weekend.  I got everything set up and organized in my new place.  Now, that is great, of course, BUT, it also took me almost a month to do which is not good.

I was very lazy during the month of July.  Typically, when I move, everything is set up and unpacked within a day or two.  This time, it took me a month, I only moved the big stuff in one month ago today on July 6.

I am glad it’s done.  Now I can start using my new bed, it’s a sleigh bed and it is a Queen as opposed to the double I’ve used for years.  I do need to buy sheets though, and a new duvet cover.  I think I can get sheets in town, the duvet cover, doubt it, but I am going to Calgary later this month and I don’t really have a need for a duvet right now, it’s a bit warm.

I bought myself an Xbox One on the weekend.  A friend of mine back in Ontario wants to do some gaming, so I was game.  It will give me something to do in our long, cold, winter as well.  It’s used but in great shape and it was a good price.  I’ve set up my account and will set up the Xbox today.

So, back to work today.  I did not sleep well last night at all.  Didn’t actually go to bed until 1am and was awake until after 2.  I was drifting off at some point and Hera decided it was a good time to come into the room and give me a kiss – I was not expecting that, not at all, thanks Hera.  Anyway, I made sure she didn’t need to go out or anything and went back to bed.  So, I am working on about 3 hours sleep, that’s it.  Today may be a long day.

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