In my new job as Incident Management Coordinator, I knew that eventually I’d have some on-call time. Well, the Senior Manager is on vacation and he asked me if I’d mind taking his on-call time, I said sure, no worries.

I was sort of hoping that there would be no offices outages and no major issues. Well, what are the odds of that happening, especially on a long weekend. So, sure enough, last evening an alert came in for an office that was down.

It’s still down this morning. We need someone onsite to verify power to the networking equipment and if there is power, to power cycle the hardware. Seeing as it’s a long weekend, we’re having issues getting someone to go onsite. Not a huge issue, no one should be working and if it needs to, it can wait until Tuesday.

I don’t have any definite plans for the weekend. I do need to get stuff done around the house, that’s for sure. I’ve had a very lazy month of July. The dogs will also want to go for a hike. Otherwise, I’m sticking around home.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are.

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