Mountain Man – now in town…

I have been in my new place since the beginning of the month.  I didn’t move the big stuff in until Saturday, July 6 though.  I asked a friend of mine in Calgary if he’d be willing to help me move, and although I sort of expected a “hell no” type response, he said sure.

TO arrived on Friday evening and we went to the Rum Runner for dinner.  They have some of the best burgers you can get (IMHO).  The dogs had been dropped off at boarding just outside of town for a couple of days.  The find moving stressful, I suppose we all do.  They also tend to get in the way.

We headed to Pincher Creek to pick up the moving van from uHaul.  Unlike the last time I got a van from uHaul, this one wasn’t a deathtrap, it was a pretty new truck and everything worked.  I figured it was going to be two loads of large items from my old place to the new place.

We loaded up and headed into town.  I only moved 8km in total so it wasn’t far at all.  When I turned onto my new street, I swore.  TO didn’t know what I was swearing about…  I left my car keys at the old house, I wouldn’t need them, my car was sitting in Pincher Creek where I picked up the uHaul.  The only problem, my house key was also on the key ring.  So, back to Sentinel, we go.  That forgetfulness cost me about $15 in mileage costs, oh well.

The day went pretty smoothly.  We took breaks after heavy items but made good progress.  We both agreed that we are now too old to do a move and movers are needed.  Nothing got damaged, including us but we were tired by the end of the day.  We tried the smokehouse around the corner from me for a late lunch, Limber Pine it’s called.  I had wanted to try it since I moved to the Pass but never had.  Well, I am glad I did now.  Amazing.  I had deep-fried pickles which were some of the best I’ve ever had and a bowl of brisket chili which was amazing.  TO had a brisket sandwich which was also really good.  The portions were huge and the prices were quite reasonable.  I will be back, for sure.

TO headed back to Calgary and I headed back to Pincher Creek to return the uHaul and get my car.  I wasn’t picking up the dogs until Sunday morning.  I made pretty good progress in setting up and unpacking, although I am still not done – this has been one of my lazier moves.

The new house is awesome, I will post some pictures as soon as I am all setup.  I am in town, Coleman, Alberta to be exact.  I am living in a 2 bedroom bungalow with a basement.  The basement isn’t finished but great for storage and laundry.  The bedrooms and living room have either laminate floors or hardwood, I honestly can’t tell by looking at them, BUT, I think it’s hardwood.  The kitchen and bathroom are tiled, so it’s great for sweeping up dog hair.  I have gas heat, which was a major issue at the old place and I also have cable internet.  It will be nice not to freeze this coming winter and also be able to stream to my heart’s desire.

I have enjoyed the last year in the mountains and I am still in the mountains, just with some of the conveniences of town life.

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