Staying in the mountains…

Well, I guess I have not had the blogging bug, at all this year as this is only my second post of the year and it is nearly summer.

Same old, same old really.  Surprisingly, I am not missing umpiring this spring.  I have been keeping busy with the dogs going on some excellent daily hikes with them and watching baseball games in the evenings.  I guess I miss the extra money, but I don’t miss being sore from getting hit by baseballs and what not.

After nearly a year living out in the mountains on the acreage, the dogs and I will be moving into the town of Coleman at the end of the month.  The house that I found will work quite nicely, two bedrooms, no carpeting, and a full (unfinished) basement as well.  I will have cable internet, unlimited which will be a lot better than the current expensive solution I’ve been using out here for the last year.  More importantly, I will have natural gas so we won’t freeze this coming winter, or I won’t go absolutely broke paying so that we don’t freeze.

Coleman isn’t a big town, by any stretch of the imagination.  The population is right around 1400.  I am only moving about 10km East, so staying in the beautiful mountains but have some of the conveniences of the small town at hand.

I really do hate moving, believe it or not.  I have moved a lot though, so some may have thought I was a nomad the last while.  Hopefully all will be well in the new place and we can plant some roots for a while.  Wish us luck.  🙂

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