Happy New Year

Well, another year has zoomed by.  All in all, for me personally, 2018 was a pretty good year.

I moved from Calgary to Crowsnest Pass and am loving mountain life.  It’s a slower pace, friendlier community, quiet, dark at night.  There are things I had to get used to, of course.  I had always lived in a city so being a city boy and moving to a rural community in the mountains was a big change.  I think I have gotten by most of the challenges and am looking forward to spring and a full summer here.

I umpired in the Cal Ripken 70/Major World Series back in August which was the highlight of my umpiring career, that’s for sure.  It was 10 days of amazing baseball, working with some of the best umpires that I have had the privilege to work with.  It was a great trip, going to Branson, Missouri with Team Canada.  I had the honour to umpire two of their games during the World Series as well.  I made some friends that I hope to have for a long time.  I have now, at least temporarily hung up my umpiring equipment.  I figured after umpiring the World Series, there was nowhere to go from there.  I may return to it someday, if my life brings me back to a bigger city.

No other real highlights this year, I continued working from home which I love.  No commute which is great.  I hope I can continue to work from home for some time to come.

I hope that 2019 is the best year and all the best to my readers.  Happy New Year !!!

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