First day of winter, or is that tomorrow?

I think today is the first day of winter or is that tomorrow?  I am unsure.  Today is the longest night of the year though, I am pretty sure…  Starting tomorrow, days will start to get longer.  It isn’t that bad in Crowsnest Pass, we have light until after 5pm which is about 30-45 minutes longer than what it was in Calgary.  The Fall has been pretty good actually, other than that dumping of snow we got at the beginning of October.  When that hit, I was thinking we’d have that all winter.  Thus far, not the case which I am happy about.

It’s windy here though, very windy almost all of the time.  Typically it’s mild winds,  A Chinook.  It keeps the temps generally decent, around the zero mark.  It is supposed to be a bit colder for the next week or so though.  We might even end up having a white Christmas, guess we will see.

Today is a normal work-day.  Monday, the offices close at noon and then I will have 3 days off which I am looking forward to.  I work Friday and Saturday and it should be quite dead at work, I am hoping anyway.  Some down time will be nice.

Well, it’s almost the weekend, enjoy yours.

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