Five day weekend, can this be the norm?

I have a nice five day weekend. Tomorrow, November 11 is Remembrance Day of course, so Monday is the stat holiday at work, then I am using my last 2 vacation days on Tuesday and Wednesday. That’ll be it for the rest of the year, other than the days off we get at Christmas. I’ll be working, but it’s very slow over the holidays.

I don’t really have any plans for the weekend, other than some stuff around the house that I won’t do. I suppose I’ll have to zip into town a few times and do some shopping, but that’s it.

The dogs are going on a pack hike today, around 1130. They have such a good time with the pack. There aren’t any dog parks here in the Pass, so there aren’t a lot of opportunities to play with other dogs. I have, of course, a small pack of my own, but it’s always good to hang with other canines.

I hope Hera will go this time, without me. The last couple of times she hasn’t wanted to, doesn’t seem to want to get in the van or truck used to bring the dogs. She loves the ladies who run Crowsnest Pet Care, that’s evident, but has been very hesitant to go on the pack hikes. Blondie and Twix love going. It’s not too cold today so Twix will be ok, she runs around like a mad-dog anyway. I do need to get her a new coat though, and some boots too. I’m heading to Lethbridge on Thursday afternoon, so perhaps I can find something there.

I’m also finally having a cord of wood delivered on Thursday. Got a pretty good price, it’s split, delivered and stacked for $300. I have absolutely no idea how long it’ll last though, we will see.

Enjoy your weekend and remember November 11, Lest we Forget.

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