I think winter is here…

I think I can say that winter has settled in here already.  We’ve gotten 8″ of snow over the last few days and it has been cold.  It was -22C this morning, it’s gotten up to -19C and will eventually be -3C or so.  Bright sunshine is helping to warm things up.  After about 2pm, the sun goes behind the mountain across the street so then the warming effects go away and the temps drop again.

I am surprised how different the weather is here as compared to Calgary.  They say (I am unsure who “they” are) that if you don’t like the weather in Calgary, wait an hour or so and it will change.  Here, you might only have to wait 10 minutes for the weather to change.  It’s windy here too, very windy.  The mountains to the north and south create what I would call a wind tunnel.

I hear that it should be typically warmer here than Calgary, so I can accept that.  At least it isn’t windy this morning.  When you combine wind and -20’s temperatures, it’s a BAD combination.

The two-week forecast shows better temps, highs around zero, lows in the single negative digits.  I can handle that too.

Anyway, I would bet that the snow that we have on the ground will be around until Spring.  I might be wrong, we might have a few days of Chinook weather and it might be gone, but I am betting against that.

At least it looks Christmassy out.  Too bad it’s early November.

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