A little early for Christmas lights, isn’t it?

I had to zip into town last night.  I stopped at the Post Office to check my box, forgetting that there are rotating strikes going on so there likely would not be any mail, and there wasn’t.  Anyway, while driving through the neighbourhood on my way to the grocery store, there were a few houses that had already put up AND turned on Christmas lights.  Now, in looking at the date today, it’s November 5, so that means yesterday was November 5.  I am thinking, and I could be wrong, that it’s about a month too early to turn on lights.  I understand putting them up, before we get snow, but come on now.

Speaking of lights, I had considered putting some out on the trees in the center of my driveway, but, now that we have snow and the fact that I have not purchased any lights, I am doubting I will.  Perhaps I will buy some in the after Christmas sales and get them cheap.  Then, I can not put them up next year for some reason – most likely laziness.  I suppose, perhaps, that I will just forget about buying any…

Anyway, I made it to the grocery store and got what I needed.  Friendly place for sure, people say hi when you walk by.  It started snowing by the time we (the dogs and I) headed home so I parked in the garage.  This morning, there is about 3″ of snow on the ground so not too bad.  I guess winter is just about here.

Anyway, it’s only Tuesday, so, hang in there.  The weekend can be seen on the horizon.

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