Cold and wet weekend…

This was a very relaxing weekend. Friday night it rained, all evening. I guess I prefer rain over snow. Winter can hold off as long as possible.

Saturday was a bit better, but not much. We had some periods of sun, but was mostly an overcast day. I didn’t do much. Woke up, per usual around 4am. I let the dogs out and fed them, went back to bed at 430 and slept until after 7. Nice, the latest I’ve slept in ages. That didn’t derail a good nap around noon. Even with all that sleeping, I still went to bed early. I seem to do a LOT of sleep in late fall through the end of winter. Come spring and summer, I stay up late again. Guess I’m used to it.

The clocks changed last night, went back an hour. I was awake for an hour or so but then didn’t wake up until after 6 this morning. Great sleep. Had another nap this afternoon after turning the disgusting Bills game off. Man, they suck.

I tried to go to Chinook Lake with the dogs this afternoon. It’s a Provincial Park but the gates were closed. Didn’t say it was closed for the season, the sign said gates closed between 11pm and 7am so I’m unsure. It likely would have been top mucky anyway…

Back to work tomorrow and a five day workweek. Next week, I have Monday through Wednesday off, that’ll be nice and is the last of my vacation time for the year.

Hope you had a good weekend, enjoy the coming week.

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2 Responses to Cold and wet weekend…

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    It’s wet on this Sunday night where I live.

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