Love Chinooks in the morning…

Friday, already.  It was a shortened week for me as I was off on Wednesday for an appointment.

We have a Chinook coming through today, it is 10C this morning with nice and warm breezes coming from the West.  It was very nice letting the dogs out this morning.  I don’t think it’s supposed to last too long, likely the day only.  The weekend is supposed to be more typical weather for this time of year, but no new snow anyway, so that’s good.

No real plans this weekend, but that could change, depending on the weather.  I would like to go and explore the Chinook Lake area near my house.  I hear that there are walking paths so it might be good for the dogs, presuming they can be off-leash.

November is typically the time of year that I hibernate.  Baseball is over.  I have been watching hockey though, so I think I will continue to do that.  The Bills aren’t on out here too often, I need to subscribe to the Eastern feeds to get them, but, they haven’t been worth watching.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend.

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