Happy Halloween

Yesterday was a quick day at work.  I had a bunch of meetings in the morning which made the day go by quickly.  The meetings were even productive, so that’s better yet.

Last evening, the Flames played the Leafs in Toronto.  I watched the first period before Monday Night Football started, the Patriots at the Bills, the first Monday Night game in Buffalo in 10 years.

The Flames ended up knocking the Leafs off with a strong third period.  That will allow me to harass some co-workers and friends, this is a good thing.

As expected, the Bills lost to the Patriots, but it was a close game until the end of the third quarter.

Not a bad sports night, all in all.

Nothing else is going on.  I am heading to Calgary tomorrow for an appointment so I have the day off of work.  Tomorrow is also Halloween, but, seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere and I don’t think there are any kids in the 7 houses around the river, I know that I won’t have any trick or treaters coming to my door.  That’s good, I won’t buy candy that I will end up eating and really don’t need.

So, enjoy Halloween, if that’s something you take part it.  Have fun, and be safe.

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