Another quick weekend…

That weekend, like most weekends, went by too quickly.

The weather was awesome for the middle/end of October though, temps were in the mid to upper teens.  I can handle that for sure.

I watched and was very disappointed that the Dodgers beat the Brewers in game 7 of the NLCS.  Now the Dodgers will face the Red Sox and, unless something goes horribly wrong, will have their asses handed to them by Boston.  As I have written, I can’t stand the Dodgers.  I doubt that I will watch the whole series.  I think, more than anything, I am baseballed out this year.  From watching games almost daily (with to umpiring around 80 games myself, I think I’ve just seen enough ball.  Oh well.  I presume that come spring training, I will be ready to go again.

The weekend was relaxing which is the way they should be.  I went out with the dogs a couple of times and did some needed shopping as well.  Back to work today.

I head into Calgary tomorrow, working in the Calgary office on Wednesday, my laptop needs some updates that won’t download here.  The Babe Ruth year-end banquet is tomorrow.  That will close this chapter on Babe Ruth.  I am not ruling out returning some day, who knows.  Wednesday is my second, and likely last, trip to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp.  My whale hat is ready to go.  The dogs are staying at a new kennel near my house, 2 nights for them.  I hope they enjoy their stay and I further hope that none of them are injured, I am sure they won’t be, but I would have said the same for their previous stay elsewhere.  Should be a good trip.

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