The weekend is here…

It’s Friday, this is a good thing.  It was a quick week, quicker still since I was off on Monday.  Last night, the Astros were eliminated from the ALCS by a much stronger team in the Red Sox.  I did not watch it all, found out the result this morning when I looked at my phone.  I was not overly surprised.  Now, I can only hope that the Brewers are able to win back to back games against the Dodgers, otherwise, I doubt I will even watch the World Series.  I seem to be baseballed out this year.  Likely a combination of having, I watched a LOT of baseball and I did a lot of umpiring as well.  I would guess my total was in the low 80’s for games this year, including the World Series in Branson.

So, it’s the weekend.  No real plans, which is good.  I will watch baseball tonight and will be pulling for Milwaukee.  I am hoping I can sleep in a bit, that would be nice, but unlikely.

Next week, I am in Calgary Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Babe Ruth year-end banquet will be a good time and will be my last function with Babe Ruth.  It will be nice to see the folks I’ve worked with for the last few years.  I am looking forward to it.

The dogs will be trying out a new kennel in Coleman, very close to where I live.  I hope they have a good time, I am sure they will.  I will be staying at the Sandman in downtown Calgary, just a short walk from my office.  It will be like a mini-vacation.  How exciting is that?  A vacation in Calgary…  LOL

Well, enjoy Friday and then enjoy the weekend.

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