It’s Wednesday, but feels like Tuesday…

Monday was a long day of driving.  The dogs and I headed to Calgary for their yearly vet visits.  We stopped at Costco in Okotoks on our way, I needed to buy them dog food, they like to eat, twice a day, but they don’t like to get their own food.  Mooches.  Anyway, Costco was fairly busy, but nowhere near as busy as the ones in Calgary would have been, I am sure.  I was about 30 minutes in total.

We stopped at Edworthy Park since we were early for the vet.  The dogs had a good run and got themselves tired out.  Well, Blondie and Twix, Hera was on leash which she doesn’t really care for since she’s not leashed at home any more.  I stopped for a quick bite to eat as well and shared some fries with the dogs.

The vet visit was good, all of them are healthy, good news all around.  I also discovered that when I bring in 3 dogs at one time, I get a 10% discount.  That helps for sure.  No issues anyway and now they are all up to date on their shots.

We headed out of the city around 4:30 or so, perhaps a bit later and stopped in Okotoks on the way home, again, this time to go to M&M Meat Shops.  Okotoks is probably the closest one to my house, perhaps Lethbridge, likely about equal distance anyway.  Their frozen chicken breasts, when on sale are a great deal and they were on sale.  It’s not like I can just hop in the car and zip over anymore, well, I guess I can but a 1.5 hour drive isn’t really zipping.  I had brought my cooler with me so everything was kept frozen for the trip home.

I was back to work yesterday and the day zoomed by.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just a busy day.  I expect the same for the rest of the week I would guess.

Next week I am back in Calgary for a couple of days.  The Babe Ruth year-end banquet is Tuesday evening.  I am going since it will be my last one as I am no longer involved.  It was 5 pretty good years with Babe Ruth.  Three of those years I was the Club Manager for the Rockies.  I enjoyed it, but we did not have the on-field success I had hoped for.  I handled uniforms the last couple of years on the Board and enjoyed that.  I will miss being on the Board of Directors for the most part but I will miss umpiring in Calgary more, I suspect.  I will need to find new things to keep me busy next summer and I am sure that won’t be an issue down here.

So, after the banquet, I am staying in a hotel close to the Calgary office and working in the office on Wednesday.  In the evening, I am going for dinner with an ex-coworker and my current co-worker – Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp.  I am looking forward to that already.

Nothing else planned for this week.  I will watch some baseball, but I am not enjoying it that much this year and I am unsure why.  Perhaps I umpired my fill of baseball this summer, don’t know.  I have only watched a few full games, otherwise it’s bits and pieces.  If the Dodgers make the World Series, I will probably watch less.  Both are good series and right now, it’s anybody’s guess who’s moving on.

Anyway, guess it is time to start my day.  Enjoy yours.

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