Annual vet visit – for the dogs, not me…

Today is the dogs annual visit to the vets.  When I moved to Crowsnest Pass, I was going to switch to a vet down here and then when I thought about it, I figured why bother?  I found a vet in Calgary I really liked and it isn’t that far, plus I go to Calgary every month or so anyway, so I figured I’d incorporate a trip around the dogs vet visits.  I moved Twix up a couple of months, she typically went in January so that all three are now scheduled for the same time.  Next year, I may move all three ahead one month since September weather tends to be nicer than October weather.

I am lucking out today, the weather is supposed to be very nice with high temps in the mid-teens.  The roads are clear and dry, so it should be a good trip to Calgary.  I plan on stopping in Okotoks to go to Costco for dog food and some other house supplies.

I may make another stop or two in Calgary this afternoon, will have to see.  At any rate, it’ll be a fair amount of driving today but at least the dogs like car rides.  My day off will fly by, I am sure.

Enjoy your Monday and your week.

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