The Story of Twix

I have written the Stories of my dogs, Zeus, Blondie, and Hera.  I have not written about my fourth dog, Twix.  It is time to tell her story.

In December of 2016, I joined a Facebook group for Calgary and Area Pets.  I was interested in the posts.  I had no real intention of getting another dog, I already had Blondie and Hera and only insane people had more than 2 dogs, right?

Anyway, I saw a post for a Golden Retriever puppy, the owners had adopted her and for some reason were not able to keep her.  I figured I would inquire, messaged them, they replied but then I never heard back from them, so I figured someone else took the dog.

A few weeks later, towards the middle of January, I saw a post for a beautiful Pitbull mix named Twix:


I messaged the owner and we chatted back and forth a little bit.  The family had just had a new baby and their work schedules changed and they didn’t feel they had the time for Twix.  The lady I was talking to said her husband would text me later.

He did, we chatted for a bit, he asked me a bunch of questions, I asked him a bunch as well.  We agreed to meet the next day at a dog park near my place so that Twix could meet Blondie and Hera.

We arrived at the park a bit before our meeting time and I played one of the dogs favourite games, ChuckIt!.  The dogs were pretty tired before Twix and her owner showed up.

The dogs met and got along well, right from the get-go.  I got to know her owner and he got to know me.  We talked about dogs and I told him all about mine.

We decided to head to my house, he wanted to check out where I lived, he wanted to ensure that if I took Twix, that she was going to a good home.

The three dogs played in the backyard for a bit, continuing the fun from the park.  We also went inside and they raced around.  The three girls were getting along great.

Twix and her owner went home and he said he’d call me later.  We decided I should sleep on it before deciding if I wanted to get another dog.  He called me early the next morning and asked what I was thinking.  I decided that I’d add another dog, dog number three to my pack.  I had a baseball meeting that morning and I’d pick her up after the meeting.

So, around 1pm that day (it was a Sunday), I drove to the south-east of Calgary to pick up Twix and her belongings.  She went very willingly with me, her owner was sad to see her go.  I was surprised that their little boy who was about 6 years old wasn’t sad, or at least didn’t appear to be sad at all.  We agreed that we could meet every so often at a dog park so that they could see Twix.

On the way home, we stopped at Pet Smart to buy some dog stuff for Twix and headed home.  Blondie and Hera were happy to see their new friend again, not knowing that she’d be staying this time.

We did meet up with Twix’s former owners, but only once.  Twix was happy to see them but didn’t try to follow them when we left.  I think she’s pretty happy with Blondie, Hera and myself.

Twix has been with us for 21 months or so now, it will be 2 years this coming January.  She moved with us to Crowsnest Pass and is loving life.  She loves having two sister dogs to play with, going for car rides, having naps with her Dad.  She bonded to me quicker than any dog I’ve ever known.  Although she wasn’t abused (so many Pitbull type dogs are), I don’t think she ever got a lot of love and attention in her early life.  Now, since I work from home, she gets all the attention and love she wants and she eats it up.

She is a great addition to the D’Arcy pack and although I do not regret getting her and giving her a great life, I’ve decided that I won’t have three dogs at one time again.  I’m glad that she’s happy and healthy and happy with my pack of girls.

Bt the way, I’ve read on the internet, 3 dogs is the maximum that you can have, without becoming a crazy dog person, so I will go with that.  🙂


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