Excellent baseball, sorry Yankees (not)…

Great baseball game last night, from my perspective anyway, being a hater of the Yankees.  CC Sabathia was on the mound for the Yankees, I don’t care for him, likely only because he plays for the Yankees.  I didn’t like Jeeter for that reason and that reason alone.  And, guess what?  That’s my opinion so you can’t say I am wrong, it’s also my BLOG, so there.  Anyway, where was I?  Right, CC was on the mound and was not his usual good pitching self, shame.  The Sox scored 4 runs pretty early and lead 4-1 heading into the 9th.  Boston put in their closer, who, by the way, has one of the (if not the MOST) ugliest beards in all of baseball.  He did not pitch particularly well and it looked like the Yankees were going to win the game.  One shot, with bases loaded was about 10 feet shy of being a home run.  He did eventually give up 2 runs before getting the final out, which was a close play at 1B.  The Red Sox celebrated their ALDS win with sad Yankee fans looking on.  Glad it happened that way, sorry that the Yankees got one win in the series.  At least now, we don’t have to listen to how great the Yankees are, until next Spring anyway.

So, the Red Sox now move on and play the Astros, starts Saturday evening.  In the NL, the Brewers and Dodgers start their series Friday night.  I hate the Dodgers so I guess I am rooting for the Brewers to knock them off.  I can say I’ve only seen them play a few games this year so I really don’t know any of them.  They handled my Rockies with ease, of course, with how the Rockies were hitting, I think any decent Peewee aged team could have done that.  The Sox/Astros series will be nothing short of epic, I am sure.  It’s sad, sort of, that one of them can’t continue to the World Series.  My guess, whoever represents the American League will win and will win pretty easily, as easy as playoff baseball can be, anyway.

I will predict that it will be the Astros vs. Milwaukee.  The Astros will likely take 6 of not 7 games to defeat the Red Sox.  I have no idea on the NL side how many games it may go.  Seeing as I hate the Dodgers, I hope for 4.  We’ll see.

So, a couple of days off of baseball, next action is Friday night.  I suppose I will see what else is on to watch right?  Too cold to do much outside.

Gotta love playoff baseball.

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