That was a pasting…

The long weekend for Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing.  I did have to work on Sunday, it was not busy.  I did a couple of restore requests first thing and then didn’t have much to do until later in the day, I helped a user who was in complete panic mode.  It is nice to be able to resolve a simple issue for someone and make their day.  It is also nice that I have not forgotten ALL of my technical skills since I am no longer a tech.

I watched baseball.  The Rockies got knocked out of the playoffs, 3 games straight and the third and final game, at home, where Rockies fans were hoping their offense would come alive was the worst game of the series.  A 6-0 loss to the Brewers who now advance to the NLCS against the Dodgers.  All I can say is I hope the Brewers put the same beat-down on the Dodgers that they did to the Rockies.  The Astros also swept their series against the Indians, it wasn’t even a fair match-up.  I don’t particularly care for the Indians anyway so congrats to the Astros.  They now wait until the Red Sox – Yankees series wraps up to see who they play.

Speaking of that series, the Red Sox ground the Yankees into some sort of paste yesterday, 16-1 was the final.  I am hoping that the Red Sox can eliminate the Yankees tonight, as is, likely, 90% of baseball fans.  There’s a lot of hate for both teams but the Yankees are much easier (for me, anyway) to hate.  Either way, it will set up an exciting ALCS, I am sure.  The Astros are ready and waiting and eager to repeat as World Series champions.

I did not have turkey for Thanksgiving, I didn’t make it into town to buy a turkey breast or anything.  That’s OK, I guess I didn’t feel like going out.

It’s a short 3-day work week this week as I am off on Friday.  I am covering for a co-worker on Saturday though, so that puts a damper on the long weekend, but I am off again Monday.  I don’t normally work any weekend shifts, but I am covering since there were no other volunteers.  I am ok with that.

Well, it’s the beginning of another week, for us Canadians anyway.  Enjoy yours.

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