That was a bit of a shocker…

I called Rogers yesterday.  I have my phone through a business account since my employer arranged for discounted plans with Rogers.  I wanted to move my Rogers Hub over to my business plan.  In doing so, I’d save 30%.

So, I was on hold for a bit, got the wrong department and was quickly transferred to the correct department.  The woman I was speaking to was helpful, had to check on some stuff.  It took 20 minutes or so for her to do her checks, unsure exactly what she was doing.  Anyway, right before she was going to transfer me to another department, she told me there would be a $35 fee to move my personal account over to my business account.  I didn’t want to pay a $35 fee, so I said, no thanks and come to think of it, could you not have mentioned this when I first called in, it would have saved us both 20 minutes of our lives…

Anyway, I also asked if there was a better business plan available for my Hub.  The short answer was no, there isn’t, but I can transfer you to see if they will do anything.  Do anything eh?  Rogers largest Hub plan is currently $60 per month for a 5GB plan, that’s the base rate.  At Telus, where I will shortly be moving to, their $60 plan allows for 100GB of data.  In my quick calculation, that is 20 times the data for the same price.  Their upper tier plan allows 500GB of data for $110.

I just got my Rogers Hub bill for the month of September.  I was a bit shocked by it.  For 360GB, I was charged $590.  Yes, $590 for a month of internet.  I might say that’s a bit insane.

Anyway, I will be purchasing a Telus Hub shortly and canceling my Rogers Hub service.  I wonder if they’ll be surprised that I am canceling?  I doubt it…  I also wonder how many departments I will need to be transferred to in order to cancel?

PS – I have a Rogers Hub for sale.  Warning, if you plan on using it for actually using the internet, it might result in rather large invoices.  🙂

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