Snow and Baseball…

Although today isn’t the first snow of the season, that would have been Saturday night into Sunday morning, this is the first major snowfall of the season.  We’ve had snow in the upper mountains for nearly a month, on and off.  Today, we are supposed to see around 30cm or so.  For any Americans reading, that would be a foot of snow.  If I check the calendar, it’s October 2.  I am thinking that October 2 is too early for a foot of snow.

Now, some of you might be saying, or thinking, well, you moved to the mountains so there.  Well, Calgary is also getting a dumping of snow.  So there.  Wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t move to the mountains.

The “weather people” said that October was supposed to be above normal temperatures.  That was a lie.  Although we are only a few days into October, it is nowhere near above normal temperatures and the long-term forecast doesn’t show any above normal temperatures either.  For that matter, the last 2 weeks (or so) of September were also not above normal.

I am glad I am not umpiring Fall Ball this year.  By the looks of it, more than half of the games have been canceled due to cold weather.  Sucks if you want to play baseball, that’s for sure.

Speaking of baseball, yesterday there were two game 163 to determine the winners of the NL Central and the NL West.  The Brewers beat the Cubs in Chicago to win the Central, it was a pretty good game.  In the later game, the Rockies didn’t hit the ball, at all, and lost 5-2 against the Dodgers to let the Dodgers win their 6th NL West title in a row.  Not that the Dodgers have much to show for their 6 titles in a row, not one World Series.  I guess we can call you the Atlanta Braves of the 2010’s.  Oh wait, Atlanta did win one World Series, as I recall, so, I guess you’re worst than the Braves.  I hope you’re disposed of quickly.

So, the Rockies go to Chicago today and play the Cubs in the Wildcard game, the winner moves on, the loser is done.  I am hoping the Rockies can pull it off.  The Cubs are sending John Lester to the mound, I’d suggest bunting everything back to him, he can’t throw to first base if this life depended on it.  They’d likely have to put the second basemen right beside him to field the ball.  Should be a good game.

Anyway, it’s October and I will be watching ball now until the end of the World Series.  Although I hope the Rockies do well, I will be fairly happy as long as it doesn’t end up being a Yankees – Dodgers final.  If that happens, all I can hope for is a career-ending injury or something.


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