Great weekend, lousy weather…

The past weekend was a good one.  I headed to Calgary, well, actually Olds, Alberta first to pick up a friend, then back to Calgary for dinner at Red Lobster, endless shrimp and then the Crash Test Dummies concert at Deerfoot Inn & Casino.

Red Lobster was good, although not as good as it has been in previous years for their endless shrimp event.  They no longer include a salad with dinner, that is now $2.79 more.  I guess as opposed to raising prices, again, they figured they’d cut out the salad.  I opted for the salad and was disappointed.  Not enough dressing on it and not enough parmesan either.  I am thinking when I return later this month with some co-workers I may pass on the salad.  Of course, if I do that, the salads will be amazing.  The breaded shrimp seemed to easily lose their breading, not sure what was up with that.  The garlic shrimp was amazing, always has been.  I tried their shrimp with cheese sauce and “salsa” for lack of a better term, it was pretty good.  The grilled shrimp were very blah, no flavour at all – but I think they were supposed to be just grilled.  All in all, it was still good and filling.  I had a brownie sundae for dessert, couldn’t finish it all, the brownies were insanely chocolatey.

So, after dinner, off to Deerfoot Inn & Casino.  I had never been to that part of town before.  Nice casino, smallish though, too many slots.  I didn’t gamble at all, not really my thing.  There was a poker room, but I didn’t want to get caught in a long game.  My friend and I waited in line to get our wrist bands and had about 1.5 hours before we could get into the show.  We sat at the bar and being the rebels we are, had pops.  We got into the show around 8:45 with it starting right at 9pm.

It was a good show.  I must not have one of the Crash Test Dummies albums because I didn’t recognize about 1/3 of the songs they did.  It was a pretty quick show, ended just before 10:30.

I had a long trek home, dropped my buddy off in Olds, we were there by 11:30 or so.  I was planning on taking Deerfoot Highway all the way south to Ft. Mcleod, avoiding Highway 22 which can be bad at night.  It was a great decision on my part.  The drive down was excellent until I turned onto Highway 3 to head into Crowsnest Pass.  Snow started light and ended up being near whiteout conditions as I approached home.  I could not see the center or shoulder lines at points, so it was slow going.  I got home around 3:10 which is WAY past my bedtime.  I crashed out immediately and yesterday was a relaxing day.

I caught the Rockies vs. Nationals game, the Rockies last home game of the regular season and a must win for them if they wanted to attempt to win the National League West division.  Unfortunately, although they won, the Dodgers did as well forcing a 163rd game of the regular season to determine the division winner.  This happened as well in the NL Central with Chicago and Milwaukee also playing off today to determine a winner.  What are the odds of 4 teams being tied after 162 games?  Gotta love baseball.

So, today will be work and baseball with baseball starting at 11am my time.  Should be a good day.  All 4 teams are in, win or lose, but I am hoping the Rockies can wrap up the NL West today, will be their first division win in their 25-year history.  As for the Dodgers, I hope someone has a career-ending injury.

Enjoy your day and week.

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