Cheaper internet, I found it… :)

I have canceled some streaming services that I was using in order to cut down on my data usage.  Netflix, unfortunately, is gone.  I didn’t use it a lot, maybe 2-3 times a month, but at 3-4GB per hour for streaming, it would just cost too much.  DACN is also gone, after my free trial.  It uses about the same data, maybe a bit more, than Netflix.  I still have and will use it when I need to for the playoffs but renewing it for next year, at this point anyway, is doubtful.

I decided to check the other major mobile providers in Canada to see if they had a better deal than Rogers.  With Rogers Hub, I pay $60 per month for 5GB and each additional 10GB is $20.  It adds up, and quickly.

When I looked at Telus, the same $60 plan provides 50GB of data and it goes up to 500GB of data for $110.  I thought it was some sort of mistake or at a slow speed.  No mistake, and it’s LTE speed.  Holy crap.

So I called Rogers to ensure I was on their best plan.  Yes, indeed I am.  I asked if they could match the Telus plan.  No, they cannot.

So, can you guess where I am going to go to for my internet access?  If you guessed Telus, you’re right.  I will buy the hub outright ($279) so that I am not trapped in a contract because who knows what other options might become available in the near future, or within 2 years for that matter.

Xplornet sent someone to collect their equipment yesterday afternoon.  The took the modem and router and the receiver part of the satellite, but they left the dish itself.  I was sort of surprised by that, it’s got to be worth something but apparently, because it’s secured to the roof and they don’t want to fill holes (I suppose), they leave it.  The tech was the same one who installed everything.  This time though, he didn’t charge me $100 for mileage, a good thing, as he would not have gotten it.  He was surprised that it didn’t work when it was cloudy, he says he’s only collected 4 systems in the past year.  Based on what I’ve read online, I find that hard to believe.  If the satellite internet didn’t work here when it was cloudy, I am sure it wouldn’t work for anyone else either.  Oh well, the latency was sort of irritating as well and it was limited to 100GB of data a month.

Now, I am just waiting for my refund from Xplornet.  According to my bill, it’s been processed, it shows a credit on the account, I am just not sure when it will be credited to me.  Guess I will wait and see.

So, I guess I am moving to Telus for internet.  That will mean I am using all three of the major providers for something.  Bell for satellite TV, Rogers for cell phone and Telus for internet.  One would think I could bundle all of these together with one provider and same some extra money, but nope, doesn’t look like it.  Oh well.

It’s the weekend – have a good one.  Enjoy.

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