A good weekend, went by too quickly (per usual)…

Saturday was a relaxing day.  Went into town and visiting with a friend and bought myself an ATV.  It even has a plow so I will be able to clear my driveway in the winter.  Gotta love lazy Saturdays.

Today was one of the nicest days in the last couple of weeks.  The temps got into the mid-teens which doesn’t seem too warm for this time of year, but better than it has been.  I had a long mid-afternoon nap, longer than I would normally nap for sure, around 2.5 hours.  When I woke up and it was 14 degrees and nice and sunny, I decided to take the dogs for a hike.

We went to the crown land area only 10 kilometers or so from my house.  Great pathways and trails.  About a kilometer in, it clouded over quickly and it started to rain.  The temp dropped about 5 degrees to boot.  Thanks, Mother Nature.

At any rate, we still had a good time.  Blondie and Twix were very dirty, there were some puddles which they just had to explore.  Hera on the other hand stayed nice and clean, guess she doesn’t like mud.

We walked about 5km in total, it was a good late afternoon.

I discovered that I did miss the Bills winning their first game of the season in commanding fashion in a game that they were heavy underdogs in.  I am sorry I missed it, but in their first two games which I did watch, they got hammered so perhaps it is better I didn’t catch it.

Dogs have been fed, Kevin’s food is cooking and it will be a relaxing evening of watching the Pats vs Lions game.  Back to work tomorrow after another quick weekend.

Next weekend is a long 4 day weekend as I am off on Monday and Tuesday.  I am going to the Crash Test Dummies concert in Calgary Saturday evening, should be a good show. I am also going to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp so that will be great.

Hope you had a good weekend as well.

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