DSL, well, no, you can’t have it…

Yesterday, I reported that I was getting DSL service through an Ontario company called VMedia.  It was a good deal, under $70 per month for unlimited DSL service, 50mbps down, 10mbps up.

Shortly after signing up, I got an email from them that they were unable to verify my address.  This did not surprise me as UPS was unable to find my address back in August to deliver a SIM card from Rogers, they finally did, 2 days later…  Anyway, I called back and was put through to billing, I think it was.

Anyway, after explaining that no, I am not in Coleman, Alberta but DO share the same postal code and then saying that I had tried Telus (who was going to do the install) and they didn’t service my location, they determined that no, they can’t offer service at my house.  I was not surprised.  I sort of know how DSL works from back when it was first introduced, I am too far from the nearest switching station (I think they are called).  She tried to offer me their service via cable, I told her that we don’t have cable where I am.  If we did, I would have stayed with Shaw Cable when I moved here.

I was suspicious right from the get-go since if this service was available, my neighbours would have had it added in their homes.  Of course, technologies change so I held onto a faint bit of hope.  Alas, it’s not to be.  They’ve already refunded my money so all is well and this chapter, is closed.

The other option that I had tried already, through a local company, Tough Country Communications might still work.  I don’t have a direct line of sight to use them, but one of my neighbours (that I’ve never met) across the river from me is on considerably higher ground than I am and he uses them for internet.  If he allows Tough Country to install a relay on his roof, I’d be able to get service through that.  So, I contacted Tough Country again and although the technician who came to do an assessment here in July put down notes to contact the person on the other side of the river, those notes didn’t make it to the sales team.  My call got her into the file and she’s going to follow-up.  It won’t be as fast as Rogers, but it will be significantly cheaper and offers unlimited data.  I am hoping to find out in the next couple of weeks if this is a possibility or not.

For now, I will continue with Rogers, it works great.  The cell tower is close and I have an excellent signal.

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