DSL where I am? Sounds like it…

As I have mentioned, I have canceled my internet with Xplornet.  I was using their satellite system and in heavy cloud cover, I had intermittent internet, at best.  That doesn’t work when I use internet for my work and need reliable internet all day, every day.  I have a Rogers Hub which works great.  It is LTE speed and does a good job, the only issue is that it’s sort of expensive.

So, I’ve been looking for an alternative and have called a bunch of providers.  I am just outside of the town of Coleman, Alberta, about 8km from the outskirts of the town.  In town, Shaw cable offers service, but not here.  Telus isn’t available here either apparently.  I did fine one who offers DSL service though, VMedia, based out of Ontario.  I have signed up and they will be installing next week on Monday.  I am hoping that because my postal code is the same as Coleman, they don’t think I am actually in Coleman, guess we will see.

For a year, I get the discounted rate of $39.95 per month for 50mbps down, 10mbps up and unlimited data.  I do need to pay for the modem rental as well, $9.95 per month.  After the first year, it jumps up $10 per month to $49.95 plus the modem rental.  Great prices and I won’t go broke streaming baseball and movies and what not.  I do hope it works as advertised.

Yesterday, we had some gorgeous fall weather, even though it is still summer.  It was 13C and the sun was blazing.  The dogs and I played in the backyard for 30 minutes or so and we were all tired.  If it is that warm today, I think we will go down to the lake again, possibly for one of the last times this year, at least when they can splash around in the water.  The mountain peaks are snow covered and I am sure snow won’t be too long here on the ground.  October is supposed to be a nice month though with above average temps so here’s to hoping.

UPDATE – 11:38AM MDT, spoke with VMedia this morning and arranged the install.  Well, as it turns out, no, I cannot get DSL services where I live which does not surprise me at all.  I am too far from a switching station (I think they are called) for DSL to work and there is no cable out here either.  Maybe some day, but for now, no.  So, luckily, Rogers HUB works great.

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