Weekends go by too quickly…

The weekend was good, as most weekends are, but it went by way too quickly, as most weekends do.

Saturday, I did my monthly run into Lethbridge.  I had a 9am appointment at TD bank as I wanted one of their debit Visa cards.  They found an old account of mine that was last accessed in 2003 and it was an RRSP/Savings account that I had set up back in 1990.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to retire on, so I guess I will work today.  After the bank, I did my trip to Costco.  The Lethbridge Costco is SO much better than any of them in Calgary.  You can actually find a parking space within a few feet of the entrance and it isn’t so crowded that you can’t maneuver your cart around.  I was in and out pretty quick, dog food was the main objective and I got some other needed items.  I had asked for recommendations on Facebook some time ago and a lot of people suggested the Kirkland brand of dog food.  I did some research into it and it was just about as good as the food I was feeding my dogs, but it costs me about 1/3 as much.  I was spending a bit over $250 per month for food, 3 bags per month.  These are larger bags (isn’t everything at Costco larger?) and cheaper, I now spend $85 per month.  I will use extra gas and time getting to Lethbridge, but it’s a good Saturday morning out of the house.

I stopped in Pincher Creek on the way back to look at beds at the Brick, they have some on sale but I am not quite ready to buy as yet.  The people cleaning my place were here shortly after I got home.  The renovations have all been completed so they were cleaning some of that mess up and some trouble areas from the previous tenant.  All is well now with the house which is fantastic.

Sunday was sort of a miserable day weather-wise.  It was cold, windy and rainy.  At times, I thought we were having a monsoon.  I wasn’t able to go on a hike with the dogs.  Well, I guess I could have, but we’d all have been soaked through and I am sure it would not have been a lot of fun.  I tried a new sports streaming service called DAZN to watch the Bills game yesterday as it wasn’t on TV here.  It was quite good, no buffering, good video and good audio.  If it continues being that reliable, I will subscribe, I am on a free month.  It’s only $20 CDN per month which isn’t bad at all.  It also includes baseball so it means I won’t need MLB.tv next year if I do subscribe and it supports Chromecast as well.  I also watched the “new” Ghostbusters remake, it was excellent, possibly better than the original.  I had heard bad things about it, all of those things were wrong.  If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it, one of the best recent movies I’ve seen.

I watched the Sunday Night Baseball game, Dodgers @ Cardinals, the Cards won which is good for my team, the Rockies.  I think I’ve also decided that the Dodgers are now my most hated team in baseball, displacing the Yankees from their long-held number one spot.  Congrats Dodgers, that was a tough thing to do.  I hope your playoff aspirations die quickly in the last few weeks of September.

So, back to work this morning and another new week.  Enjoy yours.

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