Internet and the weather…

I cancelled my main internet provider today. I’m inside the first month, so they have a money back guarantee. I’m pretty remote and this is satellite internet. In the second half of August, it was fine. Now that it’s September and it’s been pretty cloudy, the connection is constantly dropping. The installer told me it would be fine except in really bad storms. Ummm, no. Not the case. It does not work in heavy clouds. I’m not talking snow or a thunderstorm, just heavy clouds. I use this for work and I need it to be reliable.

So, I’m back to Rogers and am using their Hub. It’s at LTE speed and the nearest tower is about a kilometer away. It works quite well for work purposes. It’ll cost me a bit more, but hey, it’s reliable.

The other issue with satellite internet is the latency. There is a 2 second delay on everything. That doesn’t sound like a lot, bit it makes working from home painful.

Anyway, I’m glad I discovered the issues before my first month was up. I have paid for 2 months of service and installation but it’ll be refunded.

I don’t have a back up now, but I don’t think Rogers will be down too often.

On another note, summer appears to be over. We’ve had snow flurries and cold temps. I’ve had to turn the heat on already, this is the earliest ever. Oh well, we didn’t get the snow that Edmonton did anyway.

The weekend is here. Costco run tomorrow in Lethbridge and not a lot else planned for the weekend. Enjoy yours.

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