Lots happening…

The electrician was at my place on Tuesday and did all of the work that he needed to do.  There were issues with many of the touch sensitive light switches so they were replaced with regular light switches.  A new outdoor sensor light was installed and it lights up most of the driveway which is great.  A new switch and wall outlet were installed in the main bathroom and a GFI outlet was installed in the half bath.  The light over the jet-tub in the bathroom was replaced as well.  He was here for just over an hour or so, it’s so nice to have everything done.

The house is all set up now, it’s about time, I know.  I do have to find a home for a couple of things but basically, it’s done.  It is nice being able to turn the bathroom light off with a switch, one forgets how nice modern conveniences are when you don’t have them.

Now, I just need to get the cleaner scheduled to come in.  Should happen in the next day or two.

Somehow, in my move or over the last couple of weeks, one of my hoodies, my favourite hoodie has gone missing.  It was a gray hoodie with a large Babe Ruth logo on the front.  I bought it last spring, it was a nice hoodie, actually, I ordered a red one (no logo) since I liked it so much and my other red hoodie had seen much better days.  I have no ides what happened to it, a hoodie is sort of tough to lose, one might think.  I’ve unpacked everything and it’s not anywhere that I can find it.  I’ve ordered a replacement anyway so it will be a couple of weeks before I get it.  Of course, as soon as the replacement comes, I am sure I will find the other one, somehow.  Odd anyway.

Last night, a dog friend of Blondie, Hera and Twix came over.  The dogs played outside for 30 minutes or so, non-stop running around and being happy dogs.  We came inside as it was windy and cold last night, they were better inside, I don’t allow rough-housing in the house.  Cinder is a black lab and pitbull mix, young, just over a year old.  Her owner is a friend of mine, lives in Coleman.  Anyway, she works at the mine and works 15 hour days, 4 days on, 4 days off.  So, when she’s working, Cinder is going to stay with me and my dogs and then go home when she’s off.  She knew it wasn’t fair to the dog to have her alone all day and only be let out a few times by a neighbour.  My friend was thinking of re-homing her so I proposed this as an alternative.  I think it will work out, we will see how it goes.  So, 4 days a week, I will have an extra pack member.  She’ll keep my 3 hopping, that’s for sure.  Cinder’s Mom will pay her expenses, food and bring over a dog bed or two and everything else, she’ll just be crashing here.  Cinder is going to spend the night here on Friday night and I will drop her off on Saturday morning, I think all will be well, my dogs get along with Cinder pretty well.  I guess, for now, if the Crowsnest SPCA ever replies to my email about fostering, I will have to say my place is full.

Nothing else much on the horizon really.  I will make my monthly trip to Lethbridge on the weekend.  Costco, Canadian Tire, a few other places.  My trip to Ontario is planned, all I need to do now is buy tickets.  I have to wait until my new credit card arrives.  The fraud department detected some transactions that they thought were suspicious and sure enough, they were.  So, the old card was canceled and a new one is on its way.  I will then book my trip to Ontario.  It will just be a quick trip, I don’t want to overstay my welcome.

The weekend is almost here, so is winter by the feel of it.  Central and northern Alberta have already gotten some snow.  For now, the Pass is snow free, I hope it stays that way for a bit.  It is still summer after all.

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