Crowsnest Pet Care

I saw an ad in one of the groups I am on in Facebook for a company called Crowsnest Pet Care.  They offer to let your dogs out while you’re out and other pet type services.

I had to work in Lethbridge one day last week to get some critical updates for my computer and was going to be gone from 6:30am until 4pm or so, too long for the dogs to wait for a pee break for sure.  So, I contacted them and they arranged to come out to the house to meet the dogs.  As long as you are friendly with me, the dogs are friendly with you.  I am unsure what they’d do if you weren’t friendly with me, and YOU probably don’t want to find out…

Anyway, the meeting went well, why wouldn’t it, my dogs are sweeties. The next day, they came and let the dogs our around noon and took a bunch of pictures that they posted on Facebook.  It was a great deal too.  I’ve booked them for a couple of other visits when I am going to be in Calgary over the next month or so.  They don’t do boarding which is sort of too bad.  I’ve also booked Blondie and Twix to do a hike with them and a few other dogs.  I am leaving Hera off this first time as she has some issues with other dogs at times, especially small ones.  The owners of the company said we could include her the next time and they’d properly introduce Hera to the pack.  When Blondie and Twix are out with them, I will take Hera down to the lake and she and I will hang out together.  I am sure she’ll love that.

Anyway, if you happen to be in the area, I’d highly recommend them.  They can be found on Facebook at:  Crowsnest Pet Care

The electrician is at my place today, fixing some minor issues.  After he’s done, the renos will be done and I will be good to go.  A cleaner will come in and do a full cleaning and bingo, perfect place.  I will be happy to have it all done.


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