All done, the house I mean…

Wow.  After 2 weeks, my bathroom is finally done.  Everything in the house and outside is now done.  Well, just about.  An electrician needs to come in and do some minor work and then cleaners will come in.

The doors on the shed weren’t repaired, so I will have to contact the property management company about that.  The sheds were cleaned though, I think I will use one half of them for firewood, it will keep it dry anyway, well, presuming the door is fixed.

The garage has been totally cleaned out, top to bottom.  There was a LOT of junk in the rafters, it’s all been removed.  It is amazing the amount of stuff that the previous tenant left when he moved out.

I have a new box for the garbage outside, complete with a latch that I can lock – let’s see if the wild animals can figure out a lock…

All I need to do now is decide if I want to replace the dishwasher or not.  At the moment, I am thinking I won’t.  Washing the dishes by hand hasn’t been that bad and really, I am one person, how many dishes can I possibly produce?  I guess I will see if it annoys me enough to get a dishwasher and have it installed.

I will definitely be getting a garage door opener.  There is no way that I want to come home in -30 degree weather and have to get out of the car, manually open the garage door (and I would have to go inside the garage as there is no outside handle), then get back into the car, drive into the garage, back out once more to close the door and then leave the garage.  I saw in the Canadian Tire flyer, they have a garage door opener on sale for $199.  Sounds good to me.  My buddy can install it for me.  Done.

I need to order some firewood for the upcoming winter.  The wood stove puts out some excellent heat, will be nice on cold winter nights, or cold winter mornings.  It is already going down to zero or below now in the morning and it is still summer.  I have not as yet turned the heat on and I am unsure if I can make it to my normal October 1 date when I normally wait to turn the heat on.  It’s supposed to be warm today, mid 20’s so no need for heat today.  I will see if I can make it until October 1, with the help of the fireplace, I probably can.

I think I am going to enjoy living here.  The area is beautiful.  It’s quiet, it’s dark at night.  You can see stars in the sky like I haven’t seen in a long time, always living in the city.  The neighbours around me are friendly which is always good, so is everyone in town.  It’s a different world living in a small town, that’s for sure.

I have a long weekend coming up, I am off tomorrow since I worked this past Sunday.  I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Hopefully the weather will be good so I can take the dogs to the beach, possibly for the last time this summer.  Enjoy.  🙂

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