Labour Day

It’s Labour Day today, in Canada and the US anyway, I am unsure where else it is observed.  So, that means it is a day off for most of us.  In Alberta, stores are generally open, malls, grocery stores, restaurants and what not.  I hope that the people working getting a day in lieu at some point in the future.

My employer is closed of course.  There will be the odd person who will be working today, but it will be fairly rare.  It is, after all, the last long weekend of the summer and also, the unofficial end to summer.  We have a few weeks until summer officially ends but this is pretty much it.

I have no plans today really.  I do need to do dishes, by hand – now, that is labour.  I will replace my dishwasher in the near future, so that will be good.  For now, I’ve been lazy, so there are dishes that have piled up.  I also have to do a load or two of laundry.  So, I guess no plans isn’t really true, it’s domestic chores day.

The renovation guys are supposed to come in today at some point.  The garage needs to be swept out, I think they are done working in there and the new deadbolts need to be installed.  A new partial floor needs to go in the bathroom, I am interested to see what tiles have been purchased, I am sure they won’t match what’s in there since those tiles are likely from the 70’s.

The shed in the back is mostly done, it’s been cleared out, it does need a new door on both sides though.  Most of the garbage has been hauled away, likely only one small load to go.

It will be nice to have the renovations done, I am not banking on today necessarily, but hopefully tomorrow.  When they are done, I need some minor electrical work done and then a cleaning person will come in and clean top to bottom.

It will be nice having a house that’s done.  I will have everything setup at that point which will be good.

So, back to my domestic stuff, I hope that you have a great Labour Day.

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