Coming along, slowly but surely…

So, yesterday, I had Bell Expressvu setup in my house.  I tried to cut the cord, but although some of the services were decent and relatively inexpensive, they aren’t quite up to my standards as yet.  I want to be able to use the app on my phone and Chromecast it to my TV – period.  I don’t want to have to fool around with it, I don’t want to add 18 different apps on my phone.  If I was to use it with my Firestick, I don’t want to have to do the same.  I want it to be easy and work just like TV does.  Well, they haven’t invented that as yet.  The services are a pain in the ass.  So, I now have regular TV back.  Sure, I am paying more than a streaming service, but that’s OK.  I turn the TV on and I turn the receiver on and bingo, TV.  Thank you.

Today, Xplorenet came and installed the largest satellite dish I’ve ever seen on my roof.  It’s all connected and it’s pretty good.  There is a bit of lag if you are surfing from site to site, but once it loads, it’s plenty quick.  No, it’s not as quick as Shaw cable was back in Calgary, but hey, I am not in Calgary.  I am in the middle of nowhere and I knew things like TV and internet would not be the same.  I lose some conveniences but I gain so much more.

Xplorenet works perfectly with my work environment and that’s what I need.  I will use the Rogers connection as a backup in case something happens with Xplorenet.  I will downgrade my package and it won’t cost much at all.

The guys doing renovations at the house are making good progress.  Two doors are hung, the shed and garage have been cleaned out.  The old shower stall has been removed and the new one is ready to go in.  New deadbolts need to be installed on the house and the garage.  The propane tank is properly connected to the house (there were some issues) and all is well on that front.

As soon as the bathroom is done, a cleaner is going to come in and clean the stove, dishwasher and other areas that need it after the last guy moved out.  Some minor electrical work also needs to be done.  The finish line is close, I can see it now.

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