Stuff, it’s happening…

It’s been a few busy days this week.  I am having some work done at the house so yesterday the handymen were here all day.  The bathroom shower is being ripped out today and replaced and some minor work is being done all over, mostly removing junk that the previous tenant left.  It will be nice to have a new shower, the one that is here is in pretty bad shape and I am unsure when the last person might have cleaned it, pretty gross.  I am showering wearing sandals, and I will leave it at that.

I have tried and failed, to cut the cord for TV.  The streaming services I’ve tired aren’t bad, but they aren’t particularly good either.  Some of them are very tough to setup and then once they are setup, they don’t support Chromecast so you can’t cast them to the TV.  I can cast the screen on my phone, but then the screen has to remain on and using the phone for anything else is impossible.  So, I’ve ordered Bell Expressview to be installed and they are coming today, this morning in fact around 8am.  Hopefully they will find the place without any issues.  It is $50 per month for 6 months and then goes up to $80 for the rest of the time.  Not too bad and I will have 250 some-odd channels.  With winter around the corner (hard to say that when it is currently August 22), I don’t want to be snowed in with no TV to entertain me.  I hope that I can set-up with the satellite TV, as opposed to streaming it.

Streaming brings me to my second point, the internet.  I am currently using a Rogers Hub for my internet.  It connects to the LTE network and there is a cell tower a few kilometers away on one of the mountains so I get an amazing signal – I had checked that out BEFORE I decided to move here.  Anyway, in general, the service works really well, it is a bit expensive but I knew moving to the “wilderness”, I would be paying more for some things and less, for, say, rent.  Anyway, I have an odd issue where some things just don’t work when I am connected to the Hub that should, they are minor things, but annoying.  For example, with my phone (Google Pixel XL) connected to the Hub, it won’t load Facebook properly.  If I turn WiFi off, it works great – the phone is also on the Rogers network now (I switched from Freedom since I am no longer in their home area).  The really odd part of that is that my iPad works great on Facebook when connected to the Hub.  It makes no sense.  None at all.  I’ve adjusted some settings and they’ve made no difference.  I talked to Rogers technical support yesterday and the tech agreed, it is a very weird issue.  We got disconnected and then oddly, she never called me back.  I didn’t want to start the process over with a new tech, so I didn’t call back.

Anyway, long story short (when do I ever write short stories?), I have scheduled Xplorenet to be installed tomorrow.  It will be slower but much more reliable, I think, we will see.  I also won’t be paying for bandwidth like I am now.  It will include 100GB which isn’t a lot of data but will be more than I need.  After 100GB, it will slow the connection down, or I can choose to have full speed data, at $1 per GB.

Anyway, this will fix my technology issues.  I can go back to watching TV again which will be good.  A new TV system means having to learn new channels, I hate that, but I will get it, eventually, probably around the time I switch to a new service provider for TV…

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