A successful Saturday…

Today has been a very productive day thus far. I didn’t wake up until after 630 so for me, that’s late. Feed the dogs and let them out and I freshened up.

The plan for the day was to go to Lethbridge, specifically Costco. It was about an hour and a half drive and pretty straight highway between here and there.

The membership was $60 plus GST, they found my old one, it expired 10 years ago. Anyway, new membership in hand, I explored the store.

I had done some research on the Kirkland brand of dog food and it looked as good as Pet Kind that the dogs have eaten (since I got Hera) but far cheaper. I took a look at the ingredients and sure enough, it was essentially the same stuff so I bought two huge bags. Now, as opposed to spending $250 per month on food, it’ll be around $100 per month. I plan on making monthly drives into Lethbridge for supplies. I also stopped at a pet food store that carried Pet Kind and bought a small bag to help with the transition to the new brand.

I also bought a new convection oven for the counter, the current one is on its last legs and has seen better days. It doesn’t owe me anything, that’s for sure, it’s been very well used.

I also picked up some large bags of frozen fruit, decaffeinated coffee and some dog treats. On the way back, I stopped at Domino’s and bought 5 medium 2 topping pizzas, 4 of them are currently freezing. Heat them up and they are as good as when they came out of the Domino’s oven.

All in all, a great 6 hour round trip. This will be a monthly thing, on a weekend. I may make a few other stops as I get to know Lethbridge as well.

Anyway, hopefully you’ve enjoyed your Saturday.

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