Getting there…

I went into town yesterday after work.  It’s not a far drive, 8km or so…  I had to check mail, got my umpiring cheque from CABUA for July’s umpiring.  Always nice to get money in the mail.  I stopped by the Municipal building to register Blondie, Hera and Twix.  It is $25 per year.  Now, I didn’t realize it’s a calendar year, so they are registered for 4.5 months but I still paid for the entire 2018 year.  Oh well.  I will need to pay again in January.  Anyway, they are registered and in the off-chance they take off one day and are picked up by animal control, I will get them back anyway.  They know who feeds them and takes care of them though, so I doubt that will happen.  Blondie and Hera stick pretty close and listen pretty well, Twix is a bit of a rebel though and is stubborn as well.  Not sure where she gets that from, I am not at all stubborn.  So, that’s taken care of.

I filled a propane tank, it was under $20 to fill, I am sure it used to be way more expensive.  Guess not.  I now have lots of propane, should not run out any time soon.  Speaking of propane, the large tank was filled, well not filled but it has propane in it anyway.  I will have it completely filled in October I think.  For now, it is 1/4 full.  A full tank will be around $1800 and should last 2.5-3 years, I am told.  All depends on how cold it gets in the winter of course.  I keep the house pretty cool (19C) and the house also has a wood burning stove so that will help.

Things are coming into place.  I hope to be done everything this coming weekend.  I have been fairly lazy this week in the evening, watching baseball.  Speaking of baseball, I was watching the Rockies @ Braves last night.  The Rockies were down 3-2 heading into the top of the 9th, they scored 3 runs to go ahead and held the Braves in the bottom half of the inning, an excellent come-back win and against a team I really don’t care for.  Great job Rocs !!!

Anyway, the weekend is almost here.  Try to enjoy, I know I will.

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