Settling in…

This is now day 5 of me in my new house.  The dogs have lived here longer than I have, but, for some reason, they did not do any organization of the house while I was gone.

Mostly everything is done now.  The kitchen is 90% done, I just have to remove some boxes, likely into the basement.  I need to assemble my desk but I will need some assistance with that.  I then just need to put all of my clothes away.  I think I may make a run to Goodwill or another charity and done some stuff.  I have clothes that are in great condition that I have not worn in ages.  Someone might as well get use of it.

The property management company needs to do some work in the house as well.  They will be replacing the shower stall and doing electrical work in the house, changing some locks and hanging some doors that were taken off (for unknown reasons) as well as getting new garbage and recycling bins as it looks like the previous tenant may have taken them.  I have no idea why someone might take garbage and recycling bins, it seems rather odd.  The shed in the backyard also needs to be fully cleaned out and a lot of junk removed.  All of this is supposed to start today and should only take a few days.

I have also switched my cell service from Freedom to Rogers.  I have no issues with Freedom, they have been great, but I am outside of their home area now and my roaming plan with them doesn’t really give me enough data.  I do have enough call time and texting but going to a National carrier, until Freedom gets to that point will be better over all.  Rogers shipped my new SIM card and it was supposed to arrive yesterday, it didn’t.  I originally wanted it shipped to my PO Box, of course, UPS can’t deliver to a PO Box so I provided my physical address.  I am guessing that UPS can’t locate my physical address.  It’s not like I live in the wilderness, I am right off a major highway, just outside a small town.  If Google Maps can find me, one might assume that UPS can as well. I sort of expect to get a phone call from them, likely today.  If not, I guess I need to contact Rogers again and see what the options are.  I will be in Lethbridge on Saturday (for dog food) so I guess I can drop by a Rogers store then, if needed.  We will see.

I am enjoying it out here thus far, mind you, we don’t have 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Ask me again come winter.  🙂  The dogs are also enjoying the freedom, they are always off leash and have a large area to explore plus a pond/lake to swim in.  I’d guess that is a pretty good life for a dog.  Hera will love winter, Blondie likely will too.  Ask Twix how she likes it, come winter – you will likely get a different answer.

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