Home, sweet home

The rest of the flight home was routine.  We landed in Calgary ahead of schedule, shortly after 9pm on Sunday night.  It was a fairly quick process through customs, he looked at my card and let me right through.  I was asked where I was and what I was doing.  When I said I was umpiring in the Cal Ripken World Series, he asked me how it was and that was it.

I waited about 10 minutes or so for my luggage so not too bad.  I called DM who was waiting in the cell phone lot and he came around to pick me up.  The dogs were excited to see me and I got lots of kisses.  They settled down pretty well though for the drive to DM’s house.  We got there around 10:45pm or so and I headed towards home.  I needed gas so a fill-up was in order.  I did have to stop twice on the trip home as I was absolutely exhausted and needed some rest.  It didn’t come easy though so after 2 stops of 15 minutes or so, I made it home around 3:30am on Monday morning.  The dogs were as tired as I was, I think.

Yesterday, I needed to get a PO Box for myself, that’s done.  I thought I had to go into Pincher Creek to change my driver’s license, I was mistaken, there is an office in Blairmore, I am unsure how I missed that one when I was searching.  At any rate, the license is changed and I should get my new one in a couple of weeks.  I will need to remember to actually check the PO Box at least twice monthly or so.  My PO Box is in Coleman which is closer to home.

I stopped by the grocery store, it’s an IGA in Blairmore and easy to get to.  There isn’t a lot in Blairmore or Coleman but there are a bunch of restaurants that I will have to try out.  Pincher Creek isn’t a lot larger but there is a Wal-Mart there, it’s 50km away, however, so I think Wal-Mart trips will be monthly or so.  Pincher Creek is also where I could umpire and it’s a little further away than I want to drive for umpiring.  I will need to go into Fernie BC for the dogs food, it is 60km West, I think we will go today or tomorrow after work.  Fernie also has a Canadian Tire if I need to go there.  The nearest Costco is in Lethbridge, if I decide I need stuff there.  I think I will be able to do without, I haven’t been in ages.  I will miss Safeway, I had gotten to like that store for sure, same with the Real Canadian Superstore, I was in there often.  I think the plusses will outweigh the minuses though.

Back to work today for me.  Compared to the last 3 weeks of “vacation”, it will be relaxing, I am sure.

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