My vacation is over…

I’ve gotten internet for the flight from Denver to Calgary. For an hour, it’s $5.99, helps to pass the time for sure.

The day started really early. I went to bed around 1230 and wanted to get up at 230 to see the guys off who had the early flight. I thought that I had set my alarm, but at 231, I woke up, on my own. I called California No. 1 to ensure he was awake, per his request. He was.

His ride showed up and we all said “see ya”, again. I’m sure they were wondering why I was up…

I went back to bed and slept pretty well until 6am. My roomies alarm went off and he left, heading home to Texas.

I got picked up around 1030 or so for the trip back to Springfield. We stopped at Cracker Barrell for lunch. Huge portions and not a bad price, I was impressed. We got to the airport early, checked in and breezed through security, there was no one in front of us.

We had a 2 hour wait for boarding. The flight to Denver was uneventful, the kind of flight you want. We had a shorter layover in Denver, just over an hour. We explored the terminal, I was looking for Colorado Rockies gear (hat, shirt, something) and nothing was to be found. Oh well, I spent enough money.

We are now cruising at 36000 feet, so I am told and are just over an hour from Calgary.

When we land, I’ll call DM and he’ll leave the Cell Phone lot and pick me up at arrivals. I had originally asked him to leave the dogs at home but with close wildfires (not too close, but close enough), if there was a evacuation order, there’d be no one to evacuate the dogs. I don’t even want to imagine anything further along that topic line.

So, I’ll have, what I’d expect, three VERY excited dogs. I’ll be excited to see them as well. We’ll drop DM off and then I’ll decide the next steps. I’ll either nap for a bit in the car or just head home. It’ll be a 4 hour drive back.

I’m loy forward to getting back to my regular routine. I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work too – it’ll be more relaxing than the last 3 weeks.

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