I’ll take a large cup of coffee, half full, no lid…

As readers know, I’m in Branson Missouri umpiring the 12u Cal Ripken World Series which is wrapping up in the next two days.

The guys that I’m umpiring with are a great group of umpires, likely the best I’ve worked with.

Anyway, something odd came up today. Two of the other umpires, I’ll call them Indiana and California One, join me in the lunchroom at the hotel every morning at 630. Indiana goes to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a couple of coffees.

California One orders a coffee in a large cup, but, the odd thing is that he only wants it half full because he doesn’t want a lid. I find this a bit weird, apparently z the drive thru person does as well.

The really odd thing is that he’s charged for a large coffee, instead of say a medium. I’d logically figure that you’re paying for the content, the coffee and not for the cup.

Anyway, he claims he does this because he doesn’t like lids and if the cup is full, it would slosh around.

What do you think? Is this odd behavior?

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