Playoffs coming up

The round robin portion of the Cal Ripken World Series wraps up today. I have 2 games today, 1230 and 530. The 1230 game will determine one of the international pool winners, it’s Korea vs Japan. That should be a great game. There won’t be a lot of chatting with players, that’s for sure.

The afternoon game features Canada vs the Dominican Republic. I am hoping that Canada will produce some offence and get themselves going. Oddly, I’m on the plate for the Canada game again. The UIC is ok with it though. I do feel some pressure however… I can’t give any impression that I am biased at all, either for or against. I’m not, of course, but I sort of feel as if some of the Canadian players/coaches and perhaps parents think they’ll get some sort of break. Well, it’s not going to happen. I don’t care who I’m umpiring, I call the game as I see the game.

The playoff round starts tomorrow. We are using a 4-man system for all of the playoff games. The plate umpire will be selected by the taskforce committee, based on performance. I likely won’t get any plate assignments, I don’t think. I generally likely have too low of a strike zone, although everyone always says I’m consistent so who knows. I’ll find out today or tomorrow. I’m not concerned either way, I guess it’s tough changing a strike zone you’ve had for years and years.

Things wrap up Saturday evening with the Championship game. I’ll be watching for sure, perhaps umpiring, it’s a 6-man system for that game.

We head home late Sunday afternoon. I’ll be driving back to Springfield with the Alberta Commissioner for Babe Ruth and we are then traveling back to Calgary with the team. It’ll be a quieter ride back to Springfield as opposed to the bus…

Looking forward to the next few days of ball.

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