Play Ball

The last few days have been relaxing, for the most part. Yesterday was the opening ceremonies for the Cal Ripken World Series. They were held at Dolly’s Stampede. The show was pretty good, the food was amazing and there was a lot of it. No utensils, we had soup, cheese buns, a whole chicken (it was a small chicken, but still, a whole one), roasted potato, piece of pork, corn on the cob and an apple turnover for dessert. They kept refilling our drinks though the show as well. I think everyone was stuffed.

Last evening was the home run contest. Some of those kids were belting some nice shots.

Today, the tournament starts. My first game is at 1230, two American teams and I’m on the plate. I’m then on the last game of the day, the 8pm showcase game with a 4-man crew, I’ll be at 3rd. All of the games are streaming live and some are being puckpicke and broadcasted cus TV. Some of us will have mics connected and the commentators will be able to chat with is, what fun. The streaming is available via:

The umpires are a good group from all over the place. My roommate is from Texas. There is an umpire from Australia and one from New Zealand as well as one from Puerto Rico. We were each given two sets of shirts, one black and one sky blue, mine have the Canadian flag sewed on the back, under the collar. It’s an honour to wear the Canadian flag and represent Canada.

The next week is going to be very long days. We get to the park at 830 and we are there until the end of the day at 1030pm. Other than that, I think sleep will be on the agenda. Meals are available at the park, same as what the coaches and players are getting. WeWe  have beds in the umpires room so we can catch naps between games and we also have laundry facilities. It’ll be a fun and crazy busy week.

Only a few hours before we head out, so, for now, I guess let’s Play Ball !!!

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