Moving, too much driving and now I’m flying…

Moving day was yesterday. The day started very early, around 330am or so. I got the last of the packing done and ready to go and made breakfast, bacon, eggs and left over potatoes and peppers as my home fries. I left to pick up the uHaul at 630.

Arrived to get the uHaul right at 7, when they opened. There was no delay, no one else was in line. Picked up the truck and headed home to load.

Loading was slower than I expected but went without a hitch. Off for the 2.5 hour drive to Sentinel.

Unloading went well, and was faster than I expected. The dogs were exploring, but generally kept out from under foot.

The new sectional that I bought would not fit through the patio doors, they were not standard size. We got the couch in yesterday though so all is well.

I got most of the kitchen setup but none of my clothes put away. The house was a disaster… The dogs were tired from the trip, so were we.

Yesterday, I had Tough Country Communications come out to install internet, they didn’t have a good signal, there was a hill in the way. I may be able to use them in the near future, they might be able to put equipment on the roof of one of their clients across the lake from me and I could get a signal from there. For now, I have a Rogers Internet Hub, LTE speeds, so it will work for my needs.

We left for the airport at 1030 last night, via my old place in Bowness. I had a few more things to do and items to collect. I also had to have a shower, no propane in the new place, yet, so not hot water. That’s being resolved today. We arrived at the airport around 3am, 3 hours ahead of my flight.

Security and customs was a breeze, although the lines were long and slow moving. I bought a $5 bag of Nibs, great breakfast item.

So, as I write this, I’m 38000 feet above Wyoming, or so, heading to Houston, Texas, my first trip to Texas. We’ll have a 3+ hour layover and then off to Branson, Missouri.

The World Series starts Saturday, I don’t have an agenda for what’s on tap tonight through Friday night, so no idea what’s going on…

Anyway, regular updates to come hopefully. Should be an enjoyable week.

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