The end of umpiring and the move gets closer…

I umpired the two semi-finals in the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament today at 10 and 1pm. I was on the plate for the 10am game, for Calgary, it was pretty warm. I think I’ve gotten soft since living here. It was 25C or so, no humidity of course and I was thinking it was smoking hot. Yeah, sure… Compared to Southern Ontario, today was a cool day… It was a well played game, enjoyable.

The second semi featured the AA Longhorns from Calgary, always nice when one of the host teams makes it that far. They were outplayed and ended up losing by mercy rule in the 5th inning.

I didn’t stick around for the final. The dogs needed to go out and be fed, I’m such a good dog Dad.

This marks the end of my umpiring in Calgary. I’ve umped on and off for 7 years here, the last 2 seasons quite a few games. It was enjoyable and I’ve met a lot of good people through umpiring. I’m going to miss it, but do plan in picking it up where I’m moving to. I wish all the guys in CABUA well, as well as the player-umps from Babe Ruth.

When I got home, I discovered one of the dogs had broken into a box of canned goods that I had on the floor. I suppose one of the packages of instant mashed potatoes must have had some sort of scent to it. When the dogs came in from outside, Blondie and Twix were wagging their tails, Hera jumped on the couch with her ears back and she wouldn’t look at me. When I asked her who had gotten into the box, she whined and rolled over. I think I found the guilt party… LOL

It’s only circumstantial evidence, but I think it’s enough to convict. Oh well, guess she got bored. I’ll know how not to leave a box on the floor, at least the box is still usable.

Tomorrow is my last day for packing and cleaning. I don’t have much left to do, should be a smooth day. I’ll be picking up my friend who’s looking after the dogs around 2. We are having BBQ steak for dinner and roasted potatoes. I’m hungry thinking about it now.

The move starts first thing Monday morning. I’ll leave my place to get the truck around 630. Hopefully it will go well.ive moved often enough that I’m becoming an expert, so I don’t expect any issues.

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