Organizing, packing – what fun…

The organizing and packing has begun, despite the naysayers thinking I would wait until Sunday evening to start.

I am making good progress.  My suitcase is basically packed for my trip to Missouri.  I will need to add some stuff to it on Sunday night after I’ve done a last load of laundry.  Everything else is coming along nicely.

I am glad it’s cool out so the house is cool as well.  I can’t imagine much worse than packing in a house that is hovering in the upper 20’s or something, that would not be much fun.  For the most part, the dogs are staying out from under foot.  I am sure my packing is a stressful time for them.  I’ve attempted to reassure them that I am indeed going to be bringing them with me.  I don’t think it helps all that much.  Blondie has moved 4 times now, Hera twice but Twix has not moved with the family as yet, other than when she moved in here with us.  This will be my second biggest move, with the move across the country the largest, of course – I don’t want to ever do that move again.  This is just a 250km move, but that is enough.

Moving day is Monday morning.  I am picking up the uHaul at 7am, should be back home to start loading it by 8am and I am hoping on the road to the new place by 9:30 or so.  It shouldn’t take too long to load the truck, I don’t really have that much stuff.  I do need to remember to take the front door off, the couch won’t go through without the door off.  On the other end, there is a patio door at the back so the couch will go through there for sure so no need to remove a door.

Despite the number of moves that I’ve done in the 22 years since I moved out of my Dad’s place, I don’t enjoy moving.  I have likely lost track of all the places that I’ve lived, this was after living in the same place from birth until I moved out on my own for the first time.  I am hopeful that I will enjoy mountain living and will stay there a while.

Well, back to it – I only have until 5pm or so before I have to head out again for umpiring.

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