Lots more ball…

I umpired a double header in the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament today, 10am and 1pm.

I was on the plate for the 10am game. Not a bad game at all. We got through 5 innings quickly enough and then it slowed right down. We ended up finishing in just over 2 hours. The afternoon game took longer, the visiting team rallied for 9 runs in the top of the 6th and the home team didn’t catch up.

I returned home, let the dogs out and fed them, they were happy to see me. I decided to procrastinate on my packing some more and go back to the ball park. Initially, I was just going to have some BBQ for dinner then head home. Instead, I scored the game and it was a long one, just over 3 hours long and 31 runs scored in total.

Tomorrow, I don’t umpire until the 7pm game and I will start packing, despite certain people not believing me. It’s got to get done and I’m the only one doing it.

So, the plan is to sleep in a bit, if I can. Go to the dog park, maybe let the dogs play in the river a bit then head home and pack. I think that’ll earn me an afternoon nap, then back to baseball in the evening.

I got my umpiring schedule for the Cal Ripken World Series today as well. In the 4 day long preliminary round, I do a total of 9 games. Should be a good time, I’m looking forward to it. We head for Missouri on August 1.

For now, I’m calling it a day. Good night.

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