The fun of packing…

The boxes that I ordered from EcoBox ( arrived last night.  The owner called me in the afternoon and asked if he could drop them off early since he lives near me.  Sure, sounds good.

So, I have my boxes and packing supplies.  They are a great service.  For those of you who haven’t heard of them, they provide various sized plastic, stackable boxes with closing lids for your move.  They are reasonably priced and offer a number of supplies for use in your move as well.  They drop off at your old location and then will pick up, typically in two weeks, at your new location.  I have used them before and highly recommend them.

Today, I will start organizing and packing stuff that I know I won’t need in the next week and really, that’s about 90% of what I own.

The Opening Ceremonies for the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament happens this afternoon as well.  Eight teams from the Pacific North-West will fight it out for the right to go to the World Series.  I am umpiring in the tournament, my first game is tomorrow afternoon.  The tournament runs until Saturday.  Should be some great ball.

So, that’s what I will be doing with my first week off.  Packing and umpiring.  I will have to get some trips to the dog park in, of course.  The dogs will likely start to get stressed as they see me packing, they always do.  Maybe they figure that I am not taking them as well, so, maybe it will be easier for all if I pack them too.  That might be fun for about 5 seconds.  I hope they don’t get too stressed, rest assured dogs, I am taking you with me.

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