Umpiring in the rain…

I was umpiring an exhibition game tonight between the Cal Ripken team that’s going to the World Series in a couple of weeks and the Babe Ruth Longhorns AAA team over in Dover.

The skies didn’t look particularly friendly and the forecast was calling for scattered thunderstorms.

I asked my partner who was umpiring on the bases to watch for lightning as the conditions were perfect for it.

We started the game on time and got to the 3rd or 4th batter when the game was paused for lightning. This is an automatic 20 minute delay.

Although it didn’t clear and the clouds weren’t moving at all, we restarted. We got a couple of more batters in when I paused the game, another lightning flash in a different direction this time.

After about 10 minutes, it started lightly raining. A few minutes later and the rain really started to come down, so, back to my car I go.

After another 10 minutes of heavy rain, we decided to call the game. I’m unsure how wet the diamond got, but it may have been unplayable.

So, I’m in my car, pouring rain with all of my plate gear on and can’t change, otherwise, I’ll be soaked. I decided to drive home wearing all my stuff, I’ll change in the garage at home.

All in all, I think I drove longer than I umpired tonight. Oh well, we’ve had generally good weather this season thus far.

This game likely won’t get replayed, the younger Longhorns teams are in their Regional Tournament next week. I hope the Cal Ripken guys are able to find some other competition to hone their skills.

I’m dry now anyway. More umpiring tomorrow evening, hope the weather is better.

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