Last night was my annual MLB All-Star game dinner with a former co-worker from BDO.  The tradition started when I first moved to Calgary back in 2012.  A friend was visiting from Ontario and on the evening of the MLB All-Star game, the three of us went to Boston Pizza to watch the game and chat.  We had a good time.

A year later, the two of us went back to the same Boston Pizza and watched the game, my friend from Ontario wasn’t here but we still had a good time.

We continued doing this, every year in July during the All-Star game.  She has moved on from BDO and now it’s become a yearly tradition.  We catch up, talk and don’t really watch any of the All-Star game at all.  It’s a good thing that I have this year so today, I will actually watch the game.  This year was the 7th trip to Boston Pizza and the 7th All-Star game that I have only sort of watched.

Since I am moving 2.5 hours away from Calgary, she is going to meet me part of the way to my new place and we’ll meet in High River, Alberta next year, that will cut an hour off of my trip.

I have asked her if she will help cut my food for me when I am 87 and she’s 60, but she says no.  There isn’t that much of an age difference, but it makes it funnier.

Here’s to traditions.  🙂

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